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‘Game of Thrones’: The Dark Secret Of The Night’s Watch And The Night King

Admin Sep 05,2017

Spoilers (like winter) are coming

Basically, if you don’t want anything ruining, why not read How The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Weapons Master Goes About Arming The Show’s Characters, The Time Barry From Eastender’s Sang At The World Bowls Championship, or How Legalising Cannabis Could Be Great For The Economy instead?

What I’m saying is: get out of here right now because spoilers (like winter) are coming…


Game of Thrones‘ season seven finale finally saw what Jon Snow has been dreading: the Night King broke down the Wall, setting up The Great War between the army of the dead and the realm of men.

As the Night King and his followers have essentially been functioning as a ‘Chekhov’s gun’ to be fired at some point later in the series, ever since their first appearance early on in GoT, it remains difficult for audiences to work out the leader’s motivation for waging war with the inhabitants of Westeros.

Watch the first scene here:

However, a lot of this can be explained by a period of the history of the Night’s Watch, and a series of gruesome events at the Nightfort.

It’s already been explained that Children of the Forest created the White Walkers as a weapon during their millennia-long wars with the First Men.

Watch their creation here:

    Credit: HBO

    Following a pact The First Men and Children of the Forest united together against the Walkers and a single hero – known as the Last Hero – fought and drove them North.

    Sounds a bit like bullshit though, doesn’t it, one man defeating an entire army. As the details are a little sketchy on how exactly this happened, it seems a lot more likely that the Last Hero actually managed to negotiate a pact with the White Walkers as well.

    Following the White Walkers retreating north, the official version of events in Westeros is that a Stark named Brandon built the Wall, Winterfell and created the Night’s Watch to ensure they would never come south again.

    However, some Game of Thrones theorists don’t buy that.

    Credit: HBO

    They suppose that as part of the pact between the Last Hero and the Night King, it was agreed that the Walkers would be allowed rule in the Land of Always Winter beyond the Wall.

    The humans would make regular sacrifices to the Walkers and would not use dragonglass or Valyrian steel against them.

    So will all that in mind, Jon Snow telling Cersei that they were dealing with “a general you can’t negotiate with” might not be strictly true. In fact, the history of the Night’s Watch seems to run counter to that statement.

    A ruined castle on the Wall, west of Castle Black called The Nightfort, is likely the site where these regular human sacrifices were once made. It has now been abandoned as there aren’t enough men to man the Wall, but it was once the residence of the Night’s King: 13th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.

    The Night King and the Night’s King aren’t the same person.

    See, Night King: